10 Activities for your Corporate Retreat

If you are planning a corporate retreat or team building retreat, the most important element is that a team building event boosts the success of your business. The personal bonds that are formed between team members have an impact on your company’s bottom line as well as giving your company a competitive edge.

Corporate retreats and team building events require the right mix of business, activities and free time. The goal of a corporate retreat is to connect with others and relax in real time. To reach this goal, you must schedule opportunities to make it happen, offer a variety of things that your team will enjoy, and plan for free time.  

Business first

Start with an all-hands meeting to set the agenda and the tone for the corporate retreat or team building event. This is a pep rally to get everyone excited about the event, and it’s also a chance to update the team on what’s happening with the business. Each team can talk about what projects they are working on and where they are headed in the future.

Team second

After the all-hands meeting, each team needs to have dedicated time together to plan for the future and to brainstorm outside of the office environment. If your business has remote teams, it is critical that the members of the team have face to face time. People who work in remote teams need bonding time. This is critical for the success of any team.

corporate retreat


Activities third

Activities are the fun part of a corporate retreat or team building event. When planning activities, you want to find events that most people will enjoy. You want to encourage participation, but not make it mandatory. The purpose of these activities is to help your team learn more about each other and how to work together more effectively. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Karaoke. Most people are afraid to sing in public, but you will be surprised which person on your team will volunteer to sing. Everyone else will be very happy to watch. You can hire a DJ with the necessary equipment and host your own karaoke night.
  2. Open mic. This is an after-dinner opportunity for people to share warm fuzzies about other people in the company. It’s a chance to compliment and praise members of your team.
  3. Scavenger hunt. You can create a scavenger hunt for anything from office supplies to stuffed animals to gold coins. Assign teams, write out the hints, and let the teams compete to see who can get the treasure.
  4. Polaroid it. Buy a few Polaroid cameras and allow teams to take pictures of all their activities at the corporate retreat or team building event. Those polaroids can be uploaded to share on the company’s blog, and the photos can be distributed among team members as a special memory from the corporate retreat.
  5. Video competition. Each team can take videos of their activities at the corporate retreat. The videos are given to an assigned group of judges who decide which team had the best video. The winning team would receive some sort of prize.
  6. Escape room or puzzle room. This is a great option to leave the corporate retreat room and go somewhere else. In an escape room, each team must solve a mystery or a puzzle before they can get out of the room. Escape rooms are really good for teams to learn how to work together, strategize, communicate, have patience with each other, and also have fun in the process.
  7. Improv workshop. Public speaking is scary, but an improv class can help people come out of their shell a little. These types of workshops can be real confidence boosters because they are interactive, and it offers people an opportunity to express themselves in new and unique ways.
  8. Cook-off. A cooking competition is a unique way to bring teams together, especially when they compete with other teams in the company. Colorado Bear Creek Cabins is an ideal location for a cook-off during a corporate retreat because the log cabins are equipped with full kitchens and cooking utensils. The team can work within a budget by going grocery shopping together, and then work together in the kitchen to create the meal. A group of judges is selected to taste the meal that each team prepares, and the winning team receives a prize or other form of recognition.
  9. Board game tournament. This is an excellent indoor activity where people can enjoy the competition of a board game without any physical competition. You can set up different tables with different games such as Jenga, Scrabble, Boggle, Monopoly or Chess. You can also set up card games such as Gin Rummy, Poker, Canasta, Crazy Eights, Hearts or Bridge.
  10. Painting class. Hosting a painting class or going off site to attend a painting class is a very relaxing experience for most people. This is an opportunity for your team to express their creative sides in a casual environment.

At Colorado Bear Creek Cabins, we offer a unique venue for hosting corporate retreats and team building events. Stay in a comfortably rustic log cabin along beautiful Bear Creek in Evergreen Colorado. Similar to a hotel in Evergreen, Colorado Bear Creek Cabins are log cabins near Denver that feature full kitchens and large living spaces for team building activities. It’s a log cabin experience your team will never forget.

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