A Colorado Bear Creek Cabins Family Coronavirus Quarantine

The recent pandemic has placed many individuals into a coronavirus quarantine, and while we are deemed an essential business, we remain in our house a majority of the time.  

While for many individuals this time is extremely devastating, as it is for us, we are firm believers in remaining focused on the positive and trusting the process of life. Therefore, our family at Colorado Bear Creek Cabins wanted to share a little bit about what we are doing to keep ourselves entertained and happy during this coronavirus quarantine.  

Our Family Coronavirus Quarantine Activities

During the coronavirus quarantine, the first and most important activity that we do on a daily basis is express our gratitude. We have so many things to be thankful for, that even though our business and the world is put on halt, we still focus on what we do have instead of what we don’t. We fully recognize that during the coronavirus quarantine we could focus on all the negativity around us or we could appreciate why we are so fortunate. By doing so, we continue to stay focused on the long term for our health, family, and business, instead of being caught up in short term negative emotions that we sometimes feel.  

The coronavirus quarantine has also given us more time than we normally have to explore other activities. Part of our plan for the next month is to each individually choose an activity that all family members in our house have to participate in. Since there are 5 of us, there are 5 activities that we will do together throughout the month of April that we would not do otherwise. For example, my coronavirus quarantine idea is to have all family members ingest a habanero pepper and then attempt to record a song together. Another one is to make a Tik Tok video together. Completely ridiculous, I know, but by doing so we can create positive memories from this negative time period in humanity and strengthen our family relationships within our home.  

Another activity that has seen an increase in participation in our household during the coronavirus quarantine is relaxation. It is very easy to watch every update in detail on the news about the coronavirus, the amount of confirmed cases, etc. during the entirety of a day. We have certainly been doing that during this process a few times, but we have realized that the human brain just needs a break! A household favorite for our family is watching TV shows and movies, particularly light hearted comedy. A series that we have been enjoying on Netflix is Schitt’s Creek. If TV isn’t your thing, another activity that we like to do to unwind during the coronavirus quarantine is read a book. In fact, science has found that reading is one of the most relaxing activities that exist. All of our family would agree too, that it is important to relax every now and then to maintain a healthy mental state.  

Just as important to a healthy mental state, however, is getting some kind of physical activity on a daily basis. It does not have to be extreme, merely a little so as to keep blood flowing through the body and the heart rate pumping. One perk of living near Evergreen, Colorado during the coronavirus quarantine is that there are incredible hiking trails and open spaces all around. Some of our favorite hikes are Three Sisters, Elk Meadow, Corwina, and Lair O’ the Bear, however there are an abundance more that we have yet to explore. We also like to take our little pups on the hikes so they can get some exercise too! 

The last activity that some of our family is doing during this time is learning new skills. As proprietors of beautiful cabins in Evergreen, we are typically very busy ensuring that our guests are well taken care of and that our property is in excellent condition. However, since we have a lot more time on our hands during the coronavirus quarantine than we would otherwise, we are able to use this time to learn new skills. For example, I have never written a blog in my entire life until the coronavirus quarantine was placed. However, since we have been in our coronavirus quarantine, I have written a lot and am learning how to properly blog on behalf of our Colorado Bear Creek Cabins family! That is very exciting. Having this in mind, there are many different skills that one could try to learn during this pandemic, including: 

  • Writing 
  • Starting a website 
  • Computer programming 
  • Making music 
  • Learning a foreign language 
  • Painting/drawing 
  • How to cook meals that actually taste good 
  • And many other things!

Because we are living in an age of technological advancements, information on how to do almost anything is available for free at our fingertips by doing a simple Google search or on website such as YouTube. Therefore, another great idea to do during the coronavirus quarantine is take on a new skill of some sort for fun.  

These are just some ideas of what families and individuals can do together during the coronavirus quarantine. For a more detailed response on what our Colorado Bear Creek Cabin family is doing regarding our business and our best practices, check out our coronavirus response blog here. We hope you all stay safe, healthy, and happy during these uncharted waters.  

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