A Colorado Fishing Vacation at Colorado Bear Creek Cabins

Colorado Bear Creek Cabins is your lodging for your Evergreen Colorado fishing getaway. There are plenty of places to fish during the day and then return to your cozy cabin to cook up your catch. You can’t do that at an Evergreen CO bed and breakfast!

Fish Nearby

Drive less than an hour from your Evergreen Colorado lodging, and you’re ready to fish.

Bear Creek Fishing

You don’t have to drive at all. Walk out the door of your cabin. This location allows artificial flies and lures only.
Location: Between Bear Creek Reservoir and Evergreen Reservoir.
Species of Fish: Brown trout and rainbow trout.
Regulations: Two-trout limit below Bear Creek Dam. Catch-and-release rainbow trout.

Fishing in Evergreen Lake

  • Species of Fish: rainbow trout (stocked).
  • You may use all legal live and artificial baits, no live minnows.
  • Fishing is not allowed around the Lake House except those using the pier for handicap access.
  • You must obey all state laws.
  • Hours are sunrise to sunset.

Fishing at Buchanan Ponds

  • You must use nets and barbless flies.
  • Catch and release only.
  • Float tubes permitted. No boats.
  • A limit of 10 permits sold daily.
  • No state fishing license required.
  • You must wear a wristbands while fishing; available at the Buchanan front desk.

City of Lakewood Fishing Spots

The City of Lakewood has many fishing spots.

Bear Creek Reservoir

This location within Bear Creek Lake Park offers two accessible fishing piers. The City of Lakewood allows boating.
Species of Fish: Bluegill, carp, largemouth and smallmouth bass, perch, rainbow trout, saugeye, tiger muskie, and walleye.
Regulations: 10 horsepower/no wake boating only. Inspections are required for boats before launch to prevent nuisance species spreading.

Bear Creek Greenbelt Ponds

This location offers two fishing piers.
Species of Fish: Bluegill, catfish, crappie, and largemouth bass.

Main Reservoir

This location offers one fishing pier.
Species of Fish: Bluegill, carp, crappie, perch, largemouth bass, rainbow trout, and sunfish.

Smith Reservoir

Species of Fish: Catfish, crappie, largemouth bass, perch, and smallmouth bass.

Kendrick Reservoir

Species of Fish: Bluegill, carp, catfish, crappie, largemouth bass, and perch.

Cottonwood Park Lake

Species of Fish: Bluegill, catfish, crappie, largemouth bass, perch, pumpkinseed, and sunfish.

Jewell Park Pond Fishing

North Sanderson Gulch offers trails, a playground, tables, grassy areas, and a creek. This pond is not stocked.
Species of Fish: Catfish and crappie.

South Platte Park Fishing

Species of Fish: Largemouth and smallmouth bass, trout, walley, green sunfish, and carp.
Regulations: Fishing in nearby lakes is not allowed.

Georgetown Lake Fishing

The fishing is great! Set up a chair, throw in the rod, and enjoy the scenery.
Species of Fish: Trout: browns, rainbows, and brookes.

Fishing in Chatfield Reservoir and Chatfield State Park

Species of Fish: Trout, bass, walleye, channel catfish, yellow perch, crappie, bluegill, sunfish and carp.
Colorado Parks and Wildlife stocks the lake with rainbow trout and other fish. Springtime signals the start of open water fishing. The park’s trout fishing is some of the best in the Denver area. Throughout the summer catch, walleye, bass, perch, crappie, catfish and an occasional trout. The best action is early in the day or late at night.
Regulations: CPW requires fishing licenses, which you may buy from the park office.

City of Thornton Fishing Spots

  • Species of Fish: You will find bass, bluegill, catfish, crappie, perch, and sunfish in most lakes.
  • Ice fishing is not allowed on any of Thornton’s lakes.
  • The City of Thornton does not allow swimming, wading or boating except as noted below:
  • Carpenter Park Lake – paddle boats are available to rent
  • Civic Center Lake
  • Eastlake Nature Area – no fishing allowed
  • Grandview Ponds x 4 – smallest size for bass is 15”
  • Grange Creek Park Pond
  • Gravel Lakes x 2 – open March 15 to October 31. Hours are sunrise to sunset.
  • Walleye and Trout
  • Hunters Glen Lake – non motorized boats allowed
  • Lambertson Lakes x 3
  • Marshall Lake
  • Nott’s Pond
  • Park Village Pond
  • Sage Creek Park
  • Sprat Lake – open March 15 to October 31. Hours are sunrise to sunset.
  • Woodglen Park Pond

Waterton Canyon/Strontia Springs Reservoir Fishing

Colorado Parks and Wildlife manages the stream fishery. Strontia Springs is difficult to access from Bear Creek Trail. There is a handicapped accessible fishing pier. There is also biking, hiking, horseback riding, and wildlife viewing.

Fishing in Ferril Lake

This is an urban fishing spot near the Denver Zoo and the Museum of Nature and Science.

Travel a Bit Farther

These spots are more than an hour away from your Evergreen lodging.

Cherry Creek Reservoir Fishing

A great location for underwater spearfishing.
Species of Fish: Walleye, rainbow trout, and wiper. Regulations give anglers an opportunity to catch trophy size walleye. These regulations also allow CPW to run an egg take operation. This operations supplies other Colorado waters with young walleye. Fish can be difficult to catch due to the large population of gizzard shad, their primary forage food. Anglers are successful using live bait rigs and jigging spoons, especially at night. Trout fishing is generally good during the cooler months using traditional baits. Fishing for wipers can be good during April, when they are chasing spawning gizzard shad. Use jerkbaits. Shore anglers use canned mussel meat at the bottom for mid-size wipers.

Gross Reservoir Fishing

Species of Fish: Trout (stocked) as sub-catchables (3-5”). They generally prefer flies and artificial lures compared with power bait or worms. Kokanee: fall run to the inlet occurs in October. Besides snagging (see regulations), small flies (#18+) at times attract a kokanee. Tiger muskie: large tigers are present in Gross; they appear to roam lake-wide. Low numbers of tigers (stocked) provide a diversified fishery and control suckers.
Gross Reservoir has cold water. You can go ice fishing if there are favorable conditions. There is also boating, hiking, and picnicking at this site. This area has ample parking and lots of space.

Dillon Reservoir Fishing

Species of Fish:Arctic char
Below the dam, the Blue River is Gold Medal Waters. You can go ice fishing when conditions permit.

  • Species of Fish: Rainbow trout. Colorado Division of Wildlife stocks Lake Dillon Reservoir.
  • Any person 15 years or older must have a valid fishing license.
  • Regulations: Colorado Division of Wildlife enforces regulations. They are available for review from any of the Division’s authorized agents.
  • CPW allows fishing on the water surface of the reservoir and most of its 25 miles of shoreline.
  • It is unlawful to fish from the dam structure, closed areas, bridges or boat ramps.

There is boating, hiking, biking, waterfowl hunting, and cross-country skiing at this area.

Cheesman Reservoir Fishing

Regulations: Allowed on Goose Arm Creek only
Species of Fish: Kokanee
Hiking and special events are also at this area.

South Platte River Fishing

Species of Fish:Trout, kokanee, walley, largemouth and smallmouth bass.
CPW manages the fishing. There is a Gold Medal Waters designation in Cheesman Canyon 3 miles below Cheesman Dam. It is catch and release only.
From Deckers to the confluence there are 14 miles of public land. The river winds through public and private land. You can check streamflows at TroutsFlyFishing and Blue Quill Anglers. There is also hiking and biking, portable crafts, and picnicking, along the river.

Fishing in Antero Reservoir

Species of Fish:Trout
Regulations: Bag and possession limit for trout is two
Boating, picnicking, and special events are also at this area.

Fishing in Eleven Mile Canyon Reservoir

Species of Fish: Rainbow, brown, and cutthroat trout; kokanee salmon; northern pike; carp; and yellow perch.

  • Regulations: Trout daily bag/possession limit is four fish, of which no more than two can be 16 inches or longer.
  • Northern pike has NO bag/possession limit.
  • Kokanee salmon daily bag/possession limit is 10 fish at all times of the year.
  • Ice-fishing shelters must be portable.
  • You may not use of live minnows.
  • Fishing guides and outfitters must buy a special-use permit. Please contact the park office for more details at (719) 748-3401.

This area has boating and personal watercraft, boat ramps, picnicking, hiking, and biking. It is a fee area.

Fishing in Williams Fork Reservoir

Species of Fish: Northern pike, lake trout, and kokanee
There is motorboating, small watercraft, and hunting. Williams Fork Reservoir has limited services.

Bring a Cooler

You’ll want to bring a cooler with you as these spots are more than two hours drive from you Evergreen CO lodging.

Fishing in the Colorado River

Species of Fish: Trout, channel catfish, largemouth and smallmouth bass, northern pike, walleye, green sunfish, bluehead, yellow perch, and crappie
Some areas are Gold Medal Waters. Between Byers Canyon and Kremmling is a great place to practice. Gore canyon not for amateur fishers.

Fishing in Rocky Mountain National Park


  • Regulations (condensed): Please see the website for the full regulation. Each person must use only one hand-held rod or line; a Second Rod Stamp is not honored in the park.
  • You may only use artificial flies or lures with one hook for angling in park waters open to fishing. The hook may be single, double, or treble with one shank. The park allows for fishers to use a two-hook system where one hook is an attractant which is usually a nymph.
  • “Artificial fly or lure”. This means devices designed to catch fish. Device contain one or more materials such as wood, plastic, glass, hair, metal, feathers, or fiber. This definition does not include:
  • (a) any hand moldable material designed to attract fish by the sense of taste or smell;
  • (b) those devices less than 1-1/2 inches in length which have scents or small attractants applied;
  • (c) molded plastic devices less than one and one-half inches in length;
  • (d) foods;
  • (e) organic baits such as worms, grubs, crickets, leeches, minnows and fish eggs; or
  • (f) manufactured baits such as imitation fish eggs, dough baits or stink baits.
  • You must use barbless hooks in catch-and-release waters. This is to protect the fish population.
  • The Park Service discourages the use of lead sinkers or other lead fishing materials.
  • Children 12 years of age and under may use worms or preserved fish eggs in all park waters open to fishing. This does not apply to areas designated as catch-and-release.
  • The Park Service does not allow bait or worms in catch-and-release waters.

Wake Up Early

This spot is a three-hour drive from your cabin in Evergreen, CO. You’ll want to wake up early to get a good start on fishing the Arkansas River.

Fishing in the Arkansas River

  • Regulations: From the Stockyard Bridge below Salida to the confluence with Badger Creek. This area is about 7.5 miles:
  • Fishing with artificial flies and lures only
  • The bag and possession limit is four fish, no size limit
  • You must return all rainbow trout to the water immediately
  • From the Highway 24 overpass below Leadville, to lower boundary of Hayden Ranch as posted:
  • Fishing with artificial flies and lures only
  • The bag, possession and small size limit is one fish under 12 inches in length

Species of Fish:Trout, cutbow, saugeye, walleye, and cutthroat
Some areas are Gold Medal Waters. Bighorn Sheep Canyon is the designation for the fishing spots.

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