Our Top 5 Favorite Evergreen Hikes

Evergreen, Colorado is a beautiful area enveloped in stunning nature that everybody can experience. One of the Colorado Bear Creek Cabins family’s favorite outdoor activity during the summertime is to throw on some hiking shoes and explore some of the thousands of Evergreen hiking trails that surround us. From easy hikes near Evergreen for the whole family to more extreme and difficult Evergreen hiking trails, there really is something for everybody. We have divided our recommendations into three different categories: Evergreen hikes for the family (easier), Evergreen hikes for the traveler (moderate), and finally an Evergreen hike for the adventurer (difficult). All of our recommendations are Evergreen hikes that we have completed, so we know what they are like! Let’s dive right into the first category.

Evergreen Hikes for the Family

The abundance of trails surrounding the area allow even inexperienced hikers or families to relish the impeccable nature in Evergreen, Colorado. The two Evergreen hikes in this category are great for beginner hikers or families who want an easier, enjoyable experience.

Evergreen Hike 1 – Alderfer Three Sisters

view from the top of Brother's Lookout Loop
View from Brother’s Lookout Loop
Source: Samuel Hoelscher

The first and certainly one of the most popular hiking trails in Evergreen is Alderfer Three Sisters. This Evergreen hiking trail is named after the three similar peaks that overlook the open space, hence “Three Sisters.”

There are a variety of loops you can do, however, our personal favorite is the Brother’s Lookout Loop. This hike is approximately 3 miles in total. It is an easier climb that also gives you an exceptional view of the surrounding area from the top, and it is a great option for the whole family to enjoy. You can also bring your furry friends to Alderfer Three Sisters but they must be kept on a leash at all times. For directions to Alderfer Three Sisters, please click on the icon below:

Google maps directions to Alderfer three sisters park

Alderfer Three Sisters also has a few other trails that you can see on the map below. Whichever trail you choose, we recommend completing this Evergreen hike early in the morning. The trail map for Alderfer Three Sisters can be found here.

alderfer/three sisters park trail map in Jefferson County Colorado
Alderfer Three Sisters Trail Map
Source: Jefferson County Colorado

Evergreen Hike 2 – Lair O’ The Bear

view of Lair O' the Bear Bruin Bluff trail loop
Lair O’ the Bear Bruin Bluff Trail Loop
Source: Shamus Sampson from All Trails

Don’t be frightened by the name Lair O’ the Bear! This Evergreen hiking trail is another great option for the whole family. Our recommended loop is the Bruin Bluff Trail Loop, which is an easier hike that takes you alongside Bear Creek and then to the top for some great views. The Bruin Bluff Trail Loop is only 1.5 miles with very little incline.

This is an excellent park for the family due to the abundance of outdoor charcoal grills and picnic tables. It is a great spot to get a good hike in and then have a nice lunch by the creek! Dogs are also allowed but must be leashed at all times. The Colorado Bear Creek Cabin family has enjoyed this Evergreen hike for many years due to these awesome amenities. Directions to Lair O’ the Bear can be found by clicking the icon below:

google maps directions to Lair O' the Bear park

The best time to hike Lair O’ the Bear would be in the mid-morning. Your family can get a good Evergreen hike in and then enjoy lunch on one of the picnic tables by the creek. We have done this many times and it is a great experience! The trail map for Lair O’ the Bear can be found here.

Lair O' the Bear Park trail map in Jefferson County Colorado
Lair O’ The Bear Park Trail Map
Source: Jefferson County Colorado

Evergreen Hikes for Travelers

The next category of hikes that we personally recommend are for those who are travelling to Colorado and want a classic Colorado hiking experience. These Evergreen hikes are a little bit more challenging due to the incline and/or elevation than Alderfer Three Sisters and Lair O’ the Bear. However, the Evergreen hikes for travelers that we recommend are also great options for the family if you are comfortable with the altitude and incline.

Evergreen Hike 3 – Mt. Falcon

view of mountains from Mount Falcon Turkey Trot Loop
Mt. Falcon Turkey Trot Loop
Source: Manny Fernandez from All Trails

Another one of our favorite Evergreen hikes, Mt. Falcon is an excellent option for the intermediate hiker or family. There is a nice incline to get your heart rate up at the beginning, and throughout the hike you will get excellent views of Red Rocks, the surrounding mountains, and at the top you can even see downtown Denver!

The best loop from our experience is the Turkey Trot Loop, which totals 3 miles. For the first mile or so, the incline is pretty steep, but then after that it gradually tapers off until you reach the summit. The second half of the hike is all downhill! Directions to this Evergreen hike can be found by clicking the icon below:

google maps directions to Mount Falcon Turkey Trot Loop

Your fuzzy friends are allowed on this trail but must be kept on a leash at all times. We recommend doing this Evergreen hike earlier in the day. The trail map for Mt. Falcon open space can be found here.

Mount falcon park trail map in Jefferson County Colorado
Mount Falcon Trail Map
Source: Jefferson County Colorado

Evergreen Hike 4 – Maxwell Falls

view of mountains on Maxwell Falls upper trail
Maxwell Falls Upper Trail
Source: Rachelle Dorr from All Trails

Having recently discovered this gem of an Evergreen hike, Maxwell Falls is one of my personal favorites at this time. This hike can be a little bit more challenging for inexperienced hikers, primarily due to the altitude (not to be confused with elevation gain. The average altitude for this hike is around 8,200 feet). This Evergreen hike boasts some amazing views from the summit, runs along Maxwell Creek, and also has incredible mini-waterfalls scattered throughout, hence the name “Maxwell Falls.”

There are two entry points to this hike. The first is referred to as the lower trail head, which starts at the bottom of the falls. The second, and our preference, is the upper trail head. You will drive to the top and do a loop into the mountains of approximately 2.5 miles total, and there is not a whole lot of elevation gain. However, the views from the top and the falls throughout the trail are what make this Evergreen hike particularly special. Directions to this Evergreen hike can be found by clicking the icon below:

google maps directions to Maxwell falls upper trail head

Like the other Evergreen hikes, your dogs are allowed to come as long as they are on a leash at all times. To get the best experience on this Evergreen hike, we recommend hitting the trail early. The trail map for can be found here .

maxwell falls upper trail map/route
Maxwell Falls Upper Trail Map/Route
Source: All Trails

Evergreen Hikes for the Adventurer

The final category of Evergreen hikes are the most difficult yet rewarding hikes that the Colorado Bear Creek Cabins family has completed to date. The following Evergreen hike should only be attempted by those who are aware of their capabilities and can handle the altitude and elevation gain. We do not recommend the proceeding Evergreen hike for families with children or inexperienced hikers. However, those who are up for the challenge and whom have a bit more experience with hiking should consider this hike!

Evergreen Hike 5 – Bergen Peak Trail

view of mountains from Bergen Peak Trail
View from Bergen Peak Trail
Source: Kevin Sudnik from All Trails

Bergen Peak Trail is one of the Evergreen hikes within the Elk Meadow Jefferson County Open Space. From the summit of Bergen Peak, you will stand at almost 10,000 feet (9,701 feet to be exact), which is almost double the elevation of downtown Denver. The summit of Bergen Peak trail also boasts some incredible views that tower over every other nearby mountain, making it a very challenging yet rewarding Evergreen hike.

This hike is very long, around 10 miles in total. It took us around 4 hours to complete, but individual time may vary depending on a variety of factors. On the way to the summit you will gain over 2,000 feet in elevation, which means there is a lot of incline on the way. Directions to Bergen Peak Trail can be found by clicking the icon below:

google maps directions to Bergen Peak Trail

From doing it ourselves, we have a few recommendations. First, unless you really want to bring your furry friend, we suggest leaving him/her at home. This is a very long trail and depending on the age and fitness level of your dog, it may be too long of a hike. Furthermore, having your pal with you can potentially add a few hours to the process, which may wear on you as the hike goes on.

Second, make sure to bring plenty of water, sunscreen, and some snacks. In order for our bodies to function properly, we must stay hydrated and nourished. Furthermore, the sun will be beating on your skin for a good majority of the hike, making it necessary to apply sunscreen if you do not wish to catch a bad sunburn.

Lastly, we would again recommend doing this hike early in the morning. For individuals who have not completed it before, it can be difficult to estimate how long it will take. Therefore, it is always best to give yourself more time than you think you will need in case of something happening. For example, going in the afternoon is a bad idea, especially if you have not done it before because it could get dark before you return! The trail map for all Bergen Peak and Elk Meadow Open Space can be found here .

bergen peak and elk meadow park trail map in Jefferson County Colorado
Bergen Peak and Elk Meadow Trail Map
Source: Jefferson County Colorado

Conclusion of Evergreen Hikes

From families with children and pets to extreme athletes, our mountain community is scattered with thousands of trails that everyone can enjoy. To discover more trails near Evergreen, we recommend checking out All Trails. This website has an abundance of great information such as trails, directions, and statistics. We also recommend checking out Jefferson County Colorado Open Space. Their website gives a list of all of the public parks that we can enjoy and free printable trail maps for all of them.

In case we have not mentioned before, Colorado Bear Creek Cabins is at the heart of all of these amazing Evergreen hikes. If you are planning a trip to Colorado and are looking for an authentic experience full of outdoor adventure, our cabin Colorado is an excellent option. Whether you are coming with a family, your significant other, or solo, we’ve got you covered. For more information, feel free to contact us or check out our vacation cabins!

Top Outdoor Activities in Evergreen Colorado During Summer

Evergreen Colorado during the summer time is a very special place. From restaurants to hiking to concerts, our area and the beautiful weather allows locals and guests to enjoy an abundance of outdoor activities.

This article is only scratching the surface of our favorite outdoor things to do in Evergreen Colorado in the summer, yet we would love to share them with you to make your vacation more enjoyable. Lets dive in!


The first and favorite activity of ours during the summertime in Evergreen Colorado is enjoying a nice hike through the beautiful Rocky Mountains that surround us. There really is something for everybody, such as nice easy hikes to more difficult ones. Hiking is also a very family friendly activity, and it encourages everyone to get out and explore some of the beautiful scenery that is around us. Our favorite time of day to hike is early in the morning, as there are typically less people and if you reach the peak in time you might be able to catch the sunrise! What a way to wake up! Furthermore, during the middle of the day it can occasionally get a little hot and it is typically a lot cooler during the morning.

As I previously mentioned, there are a lot of hikes that we love, and here are our top three categorized by difficulty:

Easy – Alderfer/Three Sisters

Medium – Panorama Point

Difficult – Bergen Peak

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is another fun activity during the summer in Evergreen Colorado. Much like hiking, there are an abundance of trails around where you can ride. Here is a list of some of the most popular biking trails in our area.

If you do not have a bike with you during your vacation, there are a couple places that we recommend for rental bikes and helmets. The Evergreen Bike Shop as well as Evergreen Bicycle Outfitters are excellent options and can get you set up with a pair of wheels in no time. Be sure to call ahead if you can because they may get busy during the summer months!

Source: Samuel Hoelscher


Another favorite of ours, fishing is an excellent way to spend some time in Evergreen Colorado. Our property is actually right on the bank of Bear Creek, so you could walk right out of your cabin one morning and cast a fly. If fishing in the river is not your thing, or you prefer to use a lure instead of a fly, Evergreen Lake is an excellent option that is just right up the road from us! The lake is stocked with rainbow trout among other species, and there is plenty of space for everyone to enjoy.

If you have already caught the big one in Bear Creek and Evergreen Lake, here is a list of some other great spots near our area.

There are two important things to keep in mind when fishing, however. The first is that it is required to have a fishing license to fish anywhere in our area, including our private property. You can apply online here for a fishing license.

The second is that every location where you choose to fish will have different regulations. It is important that you follow this guidelines laid out by the state of Colorado in order to enjoy yourself while also being a responsible citizen. The complete regulations for every location can be found here. Scroll to the near bottom to find the list of regulations for each particular location. This brochure also contains a lot of other useful information, such as the types of species of fish in Colorado, among many other useful items.

Lastly, if you are in need to purchase or rent equipment of any kind, such as poles, flies, or other items, we personally recommend The Blue Quill Angler for all of your needs. They are the “reel deal!”

For an extra look at some options in our area along with our recommendations, you can check out our Fly Fishing Getaway blog post.

Downtown Evergreen

After an intense morning of hiking or mountain biking, hitting downtown Evergreen is an excellent way to blow off some steam. Located right up the road from our property, downtown Evergreen boasts unique shops and restaurants of all flavors. If you want a cup of coffee in a cute setting, we recommend The Muddy Buck Cafe. If you are in the mood for some amazing bar food and lager, we recommend The Lariat Lodge. Feeling a little more upscale? We recommend the delicious Willow Creek Restaurant.

There really is something for everyone in downtown Evergreen, and the hospitality and kindness of our community will make you feel at home away from home. The downtown Evergreen business directory lists all of the restaurants, shops, and businesses downtown that you can visit.

Red Rocks

Drum roll please! The last but certainly not least favorite activity of ours to do in Evergreen Colorado during the summer time is to visit Red Rocks.

For those who do not know, Red Rocks is an amphitheater built within the beautiful red rocks on the front range of the rocky mountains. The rocks allow for a very crisp sounding performance and is one of the most popular concert venues in all of the United States. Here is the list of all of the concerts for the year 2020, and as you will see they have artists from all different genres.

In addition to their concerts, however, red rocks also has yoga classes and other activities to enjoy. It is a public facility and during the times without concerts, anyone is allowed to enter to exercise or catch some rays.

Source: The Denver Channel


In summary, Evergreen Colorado boasts a lot of seasonal activities in the summer. Our personal recommendations are hiking, mountain biking, fishing, downtown evergreen, and Red Rocks. However, as I said before, this is just scratching the surface of everything there is to do in our area, and we hope this list helps you get started for your vacation.

Our Eco Friendly Hotel

Earth day is a celebration around the globe which demonstrates support for environmental protection. As an aspiring eco friendly hotel, we wanted to take the opportunity to share with the world our thoughts and our best practices for contributing toward a sustainable future.  

Every year, enough plastic is thrown away to circle the earth four times, 50 percent of that which we only use one time. [1] In addition, hotels use approximately 15% of the total water available in the US annually [2], which equates to roughly 17.5 trillion gallons. [3] That is a lot of water! What is even more scary, however, is that by the year 2030, the anticipated global demand of water is projected to exceed supply by approximately 40 percent. [4] Taking all of these statistics into consideration, our eco friendly hotel in Evergreen, Colorado has taken strides to reduce our footprint in order to preserve our planet and nature around us, and we want to share them with you all. After all, isn’t it in all of our best interests to conserve this stunning nature?  

What is Our Eco Friendly Hotel Doing?

Starting in September of 2019, it has become one of our most important focuses to reduce our environmental impact as hotels put a serious strain on the earth’s resources. Since we have embarked on this mission, our eco friendly hotel has done all of the following:  

  1. Exchanged all of our incandescent lights to high efficiency LED’s, saving approximately 75% more energy for lighting purposes.
  2. Replaced all of our water fixtures (faucet, toilet, and shower head) to high efficiency models, reducing our water usage by roughly 33,000 gallons per year.  
  3. Eliminated ALL use of disposable soap products. This includes individually wrapped soap bars, shampoo, and conditioner bottles. We have replaced each with a refillable soap dispenser, a more eco friendly hotel option. By doing so, we will save approximately 10 pounds of plastic each year, which will significantly reduce our plastic waste as an eco friendly hotel and over the long term will have a tremendously positive effect in keeping our earth cleaner. Furthermore, the soaps that we use for our guests are phosphate free.  
  4. Replaced all toxic, chemical cleaners with all natural, biodegradable cleaners. The use of many cheap chemical cleaners can lead to health problems and some release harmful chemicals known as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which are harmful to humans. [5] Furthermore, the drainage and evaporation of these chemicals can damage septic systems, contaminate the air, and pollute rivers and streams. In addition to our cleaners, our eco friendly hotel has eliminated the use of harmful detergent and also switched to a biodegradable option that is also phosphate free to protect our sewage system and rivers.  
  5. Instituted a recycling program whereby all of our guests at our eco friendly hotel are encouraged to separate trash from recycles.  
  6. Older existing hot water heaters being replaced with new, more energy efficient water heaters that will reduce emissions. 
  7. Eliminated all use of pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers for all landscaping needs at our eco friendly hotel in order to prevent harmful runoff and nutrient pollution of phosphorous and nitrogen to Bear Creek in Evergreen, CO.  
  8. Eliminated the use of sprinklers and hoses for our landscaping needs. Our eco friendly hotel relies solely on rainfall to water our flowers, grass, and trees.  
  9. Encouraged our housekeeping staff and our guests to re-use plastic shopping bags for trash bags and dog waste removal bags as opposed to simply disposing of them.  
  10. Reuse all left-behind barbeque supplies and provide them to guests so as to reduce their spending and the use of plastic and paper packaging. This includes barbeque lighter fluid and charcoal that our eco friendly hotel reuses.  
  11. Encourage our guests to reuse all of their linens at our eco friendly hotel to reduce water usage. 

As previously stated, our team working at our eco friendly hotel is deeply concerned for the environment, and we plan to continue making improvements to reduce our ecological footprint.  

To demonstrate our passion for this area, we have been working on pursuing recognition by the state through their Environmental Leadership Program, which is a network of small and medium businesses that go above and beyond what is necessary in order to conserve our precious resources. In addition, our eco friendly hotel follows guidelines from the EPA, the Green Hotelier, and other publications that guide businesses to become more sustainable.  

 We are passionate about sharing our environmentally friendly practices and we encourage all business to analyze what they can do to help save our planet. 🌎 


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Links to some helpful websites on sustainability 

  1. The Green Hotelier: https://www.greenhotelier.org/ 
  2. U.S. Geological Survey: https://www.usgs.gov/ 
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A Colorado Bear Creek Cabins Family Coronavirus Quarantine

The recent pandemic has placed many individuals into a coronavirus quarantine, and while we are deemed an essential business, we remain in our house a majority of the time.  

While for many individuals this time is extremely devastating, as it is for us, we are firm believers in remaining focused on the positive and trusting the process of life. Therefore, our family at Colorado Bear Creek Cabins wanted to share a little bit about what we are doing to keep ourselves entertained and happy during this coronavirus quarantine.  

Our Family Coronavirus Quarantine Activities

During the coronavirus quarantine, the first and most important activity that we do on a daily basis is express our gratitude. We have so many things to be thankful for, that even though our business and the world is put on halt, we still focus on what we do have instead of what we don’t. We fully recognize that during the coronavirus quarantine we could focus on all the negativity around us or we could appreciate why we are so fortunate. By doing so, we continue to stay focused on the long term for our health, family, and business, instead of being caught up in short term negative emotions that we sometimes feel.  

The coronavirus quarantine has also given us more time than we normally have to explore other activities. Part of our plan for the next month is to each individually choose an activity that all family members in our house have to participate in. Since there are 5 of us, there are 5 activities that we will do together throughout the month of April that we would not do otherwise. For example, my coronavirus quarantine idea is to have all family members ingest a habanero pepper and then attempt to record a song together. Another one is to make a Tik Tok video together. Completely ridiculous, I know, but by doing so we can create positive memories from this negative time period in humanity and strengthen our family relationships within our home.  

Another activity that has seen an increase in participation in our household during the coronavirus quarantine is relaxation. It is very easy to watch every update in detail on the news about the coronavirus, the amount of confirmed cases, etc. during the entirety of a day. We have certainly been doing that during this process a few times, but we have realized that the human brain just needs a break! A household favorite for our family is watching TV shows and movies, particularly light hearted comedy. A series that we have been enjoying on Netflix is Schitt’s Creek. If TV isn’t your thing, another activity that we like to do to unwind during the coronavirus quarantine is read a book. In fact, science has found that reading is one of the most relaxing activities that exist. All of our family would agree too, that it is important to relax every now and then to maintain a healthy mental state.  

Just as important to a healthy mental state, however, is getting some kind of physical activity on a daily basis. It does not have to be extreme, merely a little so as to keep blood flowing through the body and the heart rate pumping. One perk of living near Evergreen, Colorado during the coronavirus quarantine is that there are incredible hiking trails and open spaces all around. Some of our favorite hikes are Three Sisters, Elk Meadow, Corwina, and Lair O’ the Bear, however there are an abundance more that we have yet to explore. We also like to take our little pups on the hikes so they can get some exercise too! 

The last activity that some of our family is doing during this time is learning new skills. As proprietors of beautiful cabins in Evergreen, we are typically very busy ensuring that our guests are well taken care of and that our property is in excellent condition. However, since we have a lot more time on our hands during the coronavirus quarantine than we would otherwise, we are able to use this time to learn new skills. For example, I have never written a blog in my entire life until the coronavirus quarantine was placed. However, since we have been in our coronavirus quarantine, I have written a lot and am learning how to properly blog on behalf of our Colorado Bear Creek Cabins family! That is very exciting. Having this in mind, there are many different skills that one could try to learn during this pandemic, including: 

  • Writing 
  • Starting a website 
  • Computer programming 
  • Making music 
  • Learning a foreign language 
  • Painting/drawing 
  • How to cook meals that actually taste good 
  • And many other things!

Because we are living in an age of technological advancements, information on how to do almost anything is available for free at our fingertips by doing a simple Google search or on website such as YouTube. Therefore, another great idea to do during the coronavirus quarantine is take on a new skill of some sort for fun.  

These are just some ideas of what families and individuals can do together during the coronavirus quarantine. For a more detailed response on what our Colorado Bear Creek Cabin family is doing regarding our business and our best practices, check out our coronavirus response blog here. We hope you all stay safe, healthy, and happy during these uncharted waters.  

Our Response To Coronavirus

Coronavirus has turned the world upside down. Our family, much like many others, has been affected severely by the pandemic, as our business promotes tourism travel. 

However, since we are deemed an essential business by the local and state government, we are allowed to remain open and accept reservations. Therefore, we wanted to share with you all some of the practices that we are following in order to continue providing an unmatched experience for each and every one of our guests.  

First, we are no longer accepting reservations for less than 3 nights. We have received many phone calls for guests who wish to stay for an evening or two, and we have declined in order to protect the safety of our family and our community. By not allowing reservations of under 3 nights, we are encouraging our guests to not move around too much so as to reduce the likelihood of exposure in our area. 

Second, we have automated our check in process, eliminating the need to check in our guests in person. 

Third, after any check out during this period of time, we wait 3 days to even clean the cabins. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the coronavirus can live on hard surfaces for up to several days. Therefore, before our family even considers cleaning any of our units, we intentionally do not allow any reservations in that unit until 3 days after the previous guests have checked out. This can help lower the risk of any of our family, our guests, or fellow community members getting infected.  

Fourth, we have increased our cleaning practices to assure that we are getting the cabins as clean as possible. Our cleaning practices were already very high quality, but we ramped them up even more to do our part as an essential business. Our objective is to again assure that our units are as clean as possible for each and every one of our guests.  

Fifth, for the guests that are staying with us, we no longer provide daily housekeeping. This is normally a service that we offer to all of our guests, however we are striving to reduce any face to face interaction between us, our housekeepers, and our guests.  

Sixth, we have limited our hours on-site. In accordance with the local and state guidelines to stay at home, we are staying at home as much as possible while ensuring our business is running smoothly. Therefore, when we do go to our property, we accomplish what we need to in a timely manner and return to our quarantine in our personal residence.  

Seventh, we are also observing social distancing. Not only with our guests when we are at our beautiful property, but also any time we are out and about shopping for groceries or performing any other essential tasks. We are doing our absolute best to minimize all of our exposure to other people following the guidelines placed by our authorities.  

On behalf of the Colorado Bear Creek Cabins family, we would like to thank everyone for their cooperation during these times, and we are looking forward to resuming our normal operations as soon as all of this clears up. Until then, be safe, wash your hands, and listen to your representatives and medical professionals about what we should be doing to stay healthy during this time.  

Some resources for coronavirus information, including in our area: 

Center for Disease Control and Prevention: https://www.cdc.gov/ 

Evergreen Chamber of Commerce: https://www.evergreenchamber.org/ 

Jefferson County Colorado: https://www.jeffco.us/ 

The State of Colorado: https://www.colorado.gov/ 

The Best Winter Vacations are at Colorado Bear Creek Cabins!

Escape to the mountains in Colorado for a fantastic winter weekend vacation!  From your base at Colorado Bear Creek Cabins, you can enjoy three days of winter fun.  Here are some winter vacation ideas located near Evergreen, Colorado.

winter vacations

Winter Vacations Itinerary

Get out of work early and plan to arrive at Colorado Bear Creek Cabins Friday afternoon.  Check-in at your cabin is after 3 pm. Get settled into your cabin and relax a bit before heading out for dinner.  Bring in the firewood to start a fire in the fireplace after dinner. Take a short walk outside along the creek and shed your city and work cares away.

Your Escape on Friday

For dinner, try The Bistro at Marshdale.   This is an elegant yet casual fine dining establishment.  Every Friday, they have a special from their Executive Chef’s kitchen.  Prime rib, sea scallops, lobster tail, and king crab legs are their Friday Night Specials.  Check out the specials for the week and make online reservations here.  The nightly dinner menu is also available online.  They also offer Sunday brunch.

After dinner, pick up a bottle of wine or your favorite adult beverage to enjoy in front of the fire.  Evergreen Discount Liquors has all you need. You can check out their current specials here.  You brought the wood in earlier and it will start quicker now that it is at room temperature.  Have a pleasant evening and sleep well!

A Winter Vacations Saturday

Wake up early Saturday to hit the slopes!  Make breakfast right in the cabin to get to the ski area early.  Ski Loveland is only a 45-minute drive away.  They have rentals as well as ski instruction.  Forgot your gloves? They also have clothing rentals.  Even if you didn’t plan on skiing when you arrived, Loveland has a Day-Tripper package that includes all equipment, clothing, and lift ticket.  Taking a lesson is a great idea even if you are an experienced skier. They have group and private lessons for all levels: first-timer to advanced.  If skiing isn’t your thing, try snowshoeing.  You can rent snowshoes if you don’t own a pair.  Or, perhaps you’d like a snowmobile tour.  You can take a guided tour or just rent snowmobiles (if you aren’t bringing your own) and head out on an unguided tour.  Grab lunch at the ski area

Back in Evergreen, head to Beau Jo’s Colorado Style Pizza for one of their famous Mountain Pies and a beer.  There is also a salad bar featuring over twenty items.  They have an extensive beer menu with happy hour from 4 till 6 pm.  Can’t finish a Mountain Pie? Bring the leftovers back to the cabin and put them in the refrigerator.

Enjoy another relaxing evening curled up with a book in front of the fire.  Or watch a movie on Netflix with the free wifi. Then get a good night’s sleep after your full day in the sun and snow.

Sunday in Evergreen, CO

On Sunday morning, enjoy breakfast before packing.  Check-out is before 11 am. Load up your car and head to downtown Evergreen for ice skating on Evergreen Lake.  You can bring your own skates or rent them there.  Too worn out from yesterday? Do some shopping downtown.  There are many beautiful things to choose from to take home with you.  Try Evergreen Crafters for unique items that you cannot find elsewhere.  Their inventory is always changing, so if you find something you love, you better grab it!  They also offer free gift wrapping. The Evergreen Gallery has art and gifts.  Be sure to check out the exclusive Evergreen Angels jewelry.  Shop Evergreen Goldsmiths for original gold and silver jewelry.

Take a break from skating or shopping and have lunch at Java Groove.  Enjoy a sandwich and a coffee drink or smoothie. Don’t forget dessert!  There is always a selection of yummy cakes in the dessert case.

Weekend vacations at Colorado Bear Creek Cabins guarantee to leave you rested to return home on Monday.  Of course, you can always plan a longer stay! Colorado Bear Creek Cabins is the place for the best winter vacations.

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