Corporate Retreats and Team Building Events at The Wild Game

Colorado Bear Creek Cabins is proud to announce a partnership with The Wild Game in Evergreen CO for hosting corporate retreats and team building events. Colorado Bear Creek Cabins provide a Colorado cabin experience with the comforts of an Evergreen hotel and lodge. Your guests will enjoy staying in the mountain creek cabins nestled along Bear Creek, while The Wild Game provides the meeting space for corporate events and team building activities.

The Wild Game can easily host any type of corporate event or team building activity in a fun and lively atmosphere. The Wild Game can help you design, set up and host team building events and business meetings. The meetings can include business presentations, seminars, conferences, breakout sessions, board meetings, post-meeting happy hour gatherings, networking events, office holiday parties, and bowling, bocce ball, ping pong and video arcade games.

The Wild Game offers a unique building design with a private banquet room that can accommodate a small group of 10 people or a corporate event for 300 people. The building features 24,000 square feet of food, beverage and entertainment options for any type of corporate retreat or team building event.

When you are planning a corporate retreat or team building event, there are a few factors to consider in the planning process: Plan Ahead, Set Expectations, Work Hard, and Have Fun.

Plan Ahead

What will make your corporate retreat a memorable experience? You want the team building activities to be productive and also be a good experience for everyone. The team will talk about what they accomplished at the corporate retreat, and they will also talk about if and how much fun they had at the event. If it’s all work, the team will say it wasn’t fun, and if it’s all fun, the team won’t return to work with new ideas for the company. A combination of work and fun is the ideal plan for a corporate retreat or team building event.

One way to start planning the corporate retreat is to send out a pre-retreat survey to all the participants. Ask them what they like and don’t like about working for the company. Ask them what they think the company does well and where it could improve. Ask them to write a note of praise for one person on the team who stands out and contributes in a positive way to the team atmosphere. Compile the data and use it as a basis for the corporate retreat agenda.

Set Expectations

When you use the word corporate retreat, your team may think it’s a spa vacation. If your team thinks it’s a vacation and you are planning work sessions, there will be disappointment and upset. Create a draft agenda and send it to all the participants. The agenda should show the topics or content of the work-related sessions, the time for team building activities, and the free time. When you are planning a corporate retreat at The Wild Game in Evergreen Colorado, you can include bowling, video games, bocce ball and ping pong as some of the options for team building activities. The team will appreciate the upfront knowledge about what to expect during the corporate retreat.

Work Hard

Corporate retreats can involve some hard work. You and your team have some big goals to accomplish. A corporate retreat or team building event can take on many forms. Maybe you are launching a new product and you need the teams to bond with each other. Maybe you have disparate teams around the country who are coming together to work on a new project, or just need to learn how to work together more effectively. In the end, building understanding between and among teams is an important part of a successful corporate retreat.

Have Fun

At any corporate retreat or team building event, you want to include some unstructured social time for teams to meet each other, talk about non-work things, laugh and share stories, etc. Bringing together all your teams under one roof is an excellent opportunity for everyone to understand what’s happening in other parts of the company and to get to know one another. Fun team building activities at a place like The Wild Game in Evergreen CO will create meaningful memories for everyone on your team.

After all the team building activities, fun and hard work at your corporate retreat, everyone will be ready to relax by the fireplace, the creek, sit down to dinner, or go for a walk along the creek at Colorado Bear Creek Cabins. These mountain creek cabins have all the comforts of an Evergreen hotel with the added benefit of full kitchens and wood burning fireplaces. Your team will have a real Colorado cabin experience at Colorado Bear Creek Cabins in Evergreen Colorado.

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