Corporate Retreats in Evergreen Colorado

Are you planning a corporate retreat in Colorado? Do you need some tips on how to make it successful? Like a hotel in Evergreen, Colorado Bear Creek Cabins offers a special space for corporate retreats and workshops in beautiful Evergreen Colorado.

A successful corporate retreat has many features – it’s fun, it’s located in a relaxing environment, it’s a time for focused problem solving and goal setting, and the outcome of the event is measurable for everyone who attends. A corporate retreat builds stronger relationships among coworkers in a relaxed environment without the typical distractions of daily life. People who attend corporate retreats often say they see a different side of their boss or coworker because people act differently in a non-work environment.   

We have some ideas to help you plan a successful corporate retreat event. There are two main parts in planning a corporate retreat or workshop:  logistics and content. Let’s start with logistics.

Corporate Event Logistics

First, you need to book a space that accommodates your group. Here are some questions to ask.

  1. How many people are attending?
  2. Are there any special seating requirements?
  3. Does the facility have reliable internet access?
  4. Can they provide projectors or screens and a conference calling phone?
  5. Is there space to eat or bring in food?

corporate retreat by the creek

Second, you need supplies for all the attendees. Here are some items you may need.

  1. Whiteboard
  2. Fresh whiteboard markers and eraser
  3. Note paper and pens
  4. Sticky notes
  5. Coffee, tea, water and snacks

corporate retreat by the creek

Third, consider booking a venue in the off season and outside of a major city. A smaller town venue is more affordable and often has more availability, especially when you reserve a time during the off season, such as non-summer and non-holidays. Choose a location that is scenic and offers other amenities such as live music, outdoor activities and shopping.

corporate retreat cabin

Corporate Event Content

Next let’s talk about planning the contents of the event.

First, set an intention or a goal for the retreat or workshop. The people on your team need to know the motivation and the reason for the event.  

Second, create an agenda and prepare as much as possible before you leave the office. Attendees want to see the agenda in advance, so they know what to pack and what activities to plan for. As part of the planning, assign homework to each attendee to bring to the retreat or workshop. It could be something as simple as a new product idea or as complex as restructuring the business.

Third, include members of the team who cannot attend. Ask them to contribute their ideas and see if they can join the meetings via conference call or Skype.

Fourth, make sure the event facilitator is trained specifically to manage your size group. The facilitator could be a leader in your company, or you might also consider hiring an expert in team building for company retreats. An outside facilitator may bring a unique energy to the event and perspective from outside the box.

Finally, you need to plan each day’s activities. There is time for meetings, time for resting, and time for playing. Here are some local activities in Evergreen, Colorado for your time beyond the meetings: 

  1. Fly fishing
  2. Hiking
  3. Shopping
  4. Viewing local art galleries
  5. Visiting local museums
  6. Eating out
  7. Spa day
  8. Mountain biking
  9. Horseback riding
  10. Skiing, skating, tubing, etc.

At Colorado Bear Creek Cabins, we can provide the meeting space and the living space for all your attendees. A cabin rental near Denver is the perfect place for your Colorado corporate retreat because it will be a memorable experience that everyone will talk about when they return to the office. For more information, click here

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