How to Spend A Day in Evergreen Near Our Bear Creek Cabins Colorado

downtown Evergreen, Colorado
Downtown Evergreen, Colorado – Source – Samuel Hoelscher

With so much to do and see in our beautiful mountain town, it can be daunting to plan a trip full of adventure in Evergreen, Colorado.

Therefore, our Colorado Bear Creek Cabins family wanted to share with you what we would do if we had one full day of vacation in Evergreen, Colorado during the summer months.

Table of Contents

  1. What Is The Best Time To Visit Evergreen, Colorado?
  2. Fun Facts about Evergreen, Colorado
  3. One Day in Evergreen, Colorado Itinerary
    1. Start Your Day Off Right With A Hike
    2. Grab a Local Bite to Eat for Breakfast
    3. Hit the Water at Evergreen Lake
    4. Enjoy a Well-Deserved Lunch Break
    5. Take a Stroll Through Downtown Evergreen
    6. Check out a Red Rocks Show or Hang at Little Bear
  4. Where to Stay In Evergreen, Colorado

What Is The Best Time to Visit Evergreen, Colorado?

Colorado Bear Creek Cabins during summer
Colorado Bear Creek Cabins During Summer – Source – Samuel Hoelscher

Evergreen, Colorado has been known to be a drastically different place throughout the different seasons of the year, and the best times to visit are really going to depend on what you like to do on your vacations. However, all seasons in Evergreen offer a plethora of enjoyable activities for individuals and families alike, most of which are located right near our bear creek cabins Colorado.

We recommend visiting Evergreen, Colorado in the summer & fall (May-October) months if you don’t like the cold, want to spend the majority of your day outside, and enjoy activities such as hiking, golfing, grilling, eating outside, paddle boarding, and checking out concerts.

On the other hand, we recommend visiting Evergreen, Colorado in the winter & spring months (November-April) if you enjoy the cold, want to have a mix of spending your day inside and outside, and enjoy activities such as building a wood fire, skiing/snowboarding, ice skating, and sledding.

In general, during the summer & fall months it will be warm and sunny throughout the days while in the winter it will be a lot cooler and covered in snow a lot of the days.

Either way, you can’t really go wrong in Evergreen, Colorado as it just depends on what you like to do!

Fun Facts About Evergreen, Colorado

the heart of evergreen
The Heart of Evergreen Sign – Source – Evergreen Chamber of Commerce

Rich in history and culture, Evergreen over time has evolved from a small ranching community originating back to the 1800s to a Colorado attraction for locals and tourists alike.

Evergreen’s origins go as far back as 1859, when a tightly knit group of families settled in the area to form a small ranching community.

With the construction of what is now known as Evergreen Lake in 1928 and Evergreen’s proximity to Denver, the small mountain town began increasing in popularity. (1)

Many years later, Evergreen has become one of Colorado’s most visited mountain communities in the state, and has brought with it a healthy variety of new restaurants, businesses, and activities for all to enjoy!

Downtown Evergreen is conveniently located just 1 mile up the road from our bear creek cabins Colorado!

One Day in Evergreen, Colorado Itinerary

With a tremendous amount of things to do and see in our mountain town, we believe that one day is only scratching the surface.

However, if you find yourself in Evergreen, Colorado for a full day, here is how our Colorado Bear Creek Cabin family would spend it to enjoy a robust, full Evergreen experience.

Start Your Day Off Right With a Hike

view from Alderfer Three Sister's trail
View from Alderfer Three Sister’s Trail – Source – Samuel Hoelscher

Getting a hike in early in the morning remains our Colorado Bear Creek Cabin family’s favorite ways to start out the day.

In general, we recommend hitting the trails as early as possible to avoid the mid-day heat and people traffic. Make sure to bring plenty of water, sunscreen, and wear shoes/boots that have good traction and you will be good to go!

Depending on your fitness level, Evergreen offers a wide range of hiking trails that vary in difficulty, most of which are located within 10-15 minutes of our bear creek cabins Colorado.

For an easier stroll with the family, we recommend Lair O’ The Bear or Alderfer Three Sisters trail heads. These hikes are much easier relative to others in the area, and are great places for beginners or non-experienced hikers to get a taste.

If you are confident in your abilities as a hiker, we recommend hiking Mount Falcon or Maxwell Falls as these are a bit more challenging than Lair O’ The Bear or Alderfer Three Sisters. Mount Falcon gives a beautiful view of Denver, Colorado as well as Red Rocks Amphitheater. Maxwell Falls boasts multiple waterfalls along the hike that are simply stunning.

Lastly, if you want to really get a workout in and have a lot of experience hiking at high elevations, we recommend trying Bergen Peak trail. This trail takes anywhere between 2.5-4 hours to complete, so make sure to start this one extra early! If you do make it to the top of Bergen Peak, you will catch one of the most beautiful views of Evergreen and the surrounding area, so it is definitely worth it!

If you would like to learn more about these 5 hikes in particular, please check out this in depth blog where we cover all the details about them in more depth.

Grab a Local Bite to Eat for Breakfast

Wildflower Café pancakes
Wildflower Café Pancakes – Source – Wildflower Café

After hiking one of many trails that Evergreen has to offer, it’s time to recharge and grab a local bite for breakfast at one of Evergreen’s locally owned restaurants.

One of our favorite parts about the community in Evergreen is that nearly all of the businesses, including restaurants, are locally owned and located near our bear creek cabins Colorado. That means when you patronize one of the local food joints, not only are you enjoying a delicious meal, but also supporting local families. It is a win-win for all!

This blog goes more in depth about all restaurants we recommend for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but here are our top three locally owned spots where we enjoy breakfast:

Muddy Buck Café – for coffee enthusiasts, Muddy Buck Café is your spot. Muddy Buck Café is known for locally sourcing the freshest coffee beans to make one of the best cups of Joe in town. They also serve house made pastries and savory breakfasts that hit the spot after a nice hike.

Blackbird Café & Tavern – enjoy a scenic, delicious breakfast meal along Bear Creek at Blackbird Café & Tavern. Blackbird Café & Tavern boasts a robust menu with options for people with all preferences, such as vegan/vegetarian & gluten free. There is something everyone can enjoy here!

Wildflower Café – one of the local favorites, Wildflower Café is a classic Evergreen food joint located on the boardwalk downtown. Wildflower Café also boasts a unique menu full of delicious breakfast items where everybody can find something they like.

Hit the Water at Evergreen Lake

Evergreen Lake paddle board rentals
Evergreen Lake Paddle Board Rentals – Source – 303 Magazine

After a beautiful hike and delicious breakfast, it is time to hit the water at Evergreen Lake, located about 1.5 miles away from our bear creek cabins Colorado.

As aforementioned, Evergreen Lake is a man-made lake built in 1928 that is now one of the most popular attractions to Evergreen, Colorado.

During the summer months, Evergreen Parks & Recreation rent out boats and paddleboards to take out on Evergreen Lake. From May 5, 2021 until September 6, 2021, these rentals will be available 7 days a week from 8 AM to 7 PM. After September 6, 2021, rentals will only be available during the weekends. The rental season will end as soon as the weather is consistently too cold to rent out as they make room for winter rentals such as ice skates.

Right after breakfast is the perfect time to hit the water, as the sun should now be up all the way and is starting to warm up the town. Make sure to apply some sunscreen so you don’t get burnt! From experience, we have found that going at 8 AM is a little early as it can get pretty chilly at that time!

No reservations are allowed for these rentals, so keep that in mind as you venture over to the lake. Due to its popularity, you may have to wait a few minutes before you are able to get out on the water, but it usually isn’t more than 30 minutes. To avoid wait times, we recommend going on a weekday if your plans can accommodate.

For more information on how paddle board rentals and boat rentals work, please get in touch with Evergreen Parks & Recreation.

If paddle boarding or boating isn’t your thing, you can also fish at Evergreen Lake, but make sure you purchase a fishing license in advance which you can do at Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s website.

Enjoy a Well-Deserved Lunch Break

Lariat Lodge brewing company burger
Lariat Lodge Brewing Company Burger – Source – Lariat Lodge Brewing Company

After hiking & hitting the water at Evergreen Lake, you have probably worked up quite the appetite! Thankfully, Evergreen boasts many local food joints for lunch as well that are conveniently close to our bear creek cabins Colorado. Here are our top locally owned recommendations:

Murphy’s Mountain Grill – located downtown right along Bear Creek, Murphy’s Mountain Grill is a local favorite for classic bar food. They also serve hand crafted artisan milkshakes that are to die for!

Lariat Lodge Brewing Company – for beer & burger enthusiasts, Lariat Lodge Brewing Company is your spot! Located right before entering downtown Evergreen, Lariat Lodge Brewing Company is known for it’s locally brewed beers in a variety of flavors. Grab a beer, burger, and sit on their deck overlooking parts of downtown Evergreen for a fantastic lunch experience.

Maya’s Cantina & Grill – located in downtown Evergreen, Maya’s Cantina & Grill is the spot for Mexican flavors and drinks. Every month, Maya’s Cantina & Grill creates unique entrée specials from scratch, so if you are in the mood for some fresh Mexican bites after your hike, Maya’s is your spot!

Take a Stroll Through Downtown Evergreen

Evergreen Crafters clothing
Evergreen Crafters Clothing – Source – Evergreen Crafters

After a nice lunch at one of many locally owned restaurants, take a stroll through downtown Evergreen to soak in the mountain culture and locally owned offerings.

Make sure to visit some unique, locally owned shops to pick up an Evergreen souvenir for yourself or someone special, such as Evergreen Crafters, Evergreen Gallery, and Wild Mountain Trading Company.

To see a full list of locally owned shops in downtown Evergreen and the surrounding area, check out Downtown Evergreen’s website.

Many of these locally owned shops carry handmade goods that cannot be found anywhere else, such as jewelry, paintings, wood sculptures, clothing, candles, soaps, and much more, so be sure to pop in one or two if you get the chance!

Check out a Red Rocks Show or Hang at Little Bear

little bear saloon
Little Bear Saloon – Source – Mille Fiori Favoriti

By now after hiking, paddle boarding, walking through downtown, and eating 2 delicious meals, the day is probably almost over, but the night is just getting started!

At night, our favorite things to do near Evergreen, Colorado are to check out a Red Rocks show or hang out at Little Bear Saloon.

For those who are not familiar, Red Rocks Park & Amphitheatre is an open aired construction built into a naturally occurring rock structure.

Red Rocks was originally built back in the 1940s, and has since grown to become a popular destination for music, nature, and exercise enthusiasts alike from all over the United States!

Located about 30 minutes away from downtown Denver and about 15 minutes away from our bear creek cabins Colorado, Red Rocks offers live shows on a regular basis throughout the summer. To check out the full lineup of Red Rocks concerts in 2021, check out their website here.

Make sure to grab a ticket because they will sell quickly! For a more in depth review of all things Red Rocks, check out our other blog post.

If concerts aren’t your thing or you are unable to get a ticket, Little Bear Saloon is another excellent place to spend an evening in Evergreen, Colorado.

Located in the heart of downtown Evergreen, Little Bear Saloon is a living piece of Rocky Mountain history and is the real life version of everybody’s perception of a classic western saloon with swinging saloon doors, old wooden bar stools, and brass registers.

The Little Bear Saloon is also famous for bringing in bands and musicians to play in their venue 6 times a week, making it a great spot for locals and travelers to mingle alike.

For more information on the Little Bear Saloon and their upcoming events, please check out their website.

Where To Stay In Evergreen, Colorado – Bear Creek Cabins Colorado

colorado bear creek cabins
Colorado Bear Creek Cabins – Source – Samuel Hoelscher

After a long, full day of awesome Evergreen, Colorado experiences from hiking, paddle boarding & boating, strolling around downtown, eating delicious meals, and catching some live music, you might be wanting to stay longer and need a place to relax for the night.

colorado bear creek cabins
Colorado Bear Creek Cabins – Source – Samuel Hoelscher

Our bear creek cabins Colorado, located at the heart of all aforementioned activities, will complete your Evergreen, Colorado experience!

Located 1 mile outside of downtown Evergreen, Colorado alongside Bear Creek, our bear creek cabins Colorado come full equipped with full kitchens, coffee, cookware, wood burning fireplaces, TV, cable, WiFi, and BBQ grills. Our cabins are also pet-friendly and open 365 days a year!

What better way to end a full day of adventure than to cozy up in a cabin and fall asleep to the sound of the creek washing by?

For more information on our cabins, please explore the rest of our website or give us a call at 303-674-3442.

We hope you enjoyed this itinerary and look forward to seeing you soon!


  1. Evergreen Chamber of Commerce. (2020, November 21). History of Evergreen CO. Evergreen Area Chamber of Commerce.

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