Our Eco Friendly Hotel is an Environmental Leader in Colorado

Being located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains right along babbling Bear Creek, it can be easy to take the beautiful nature that envelopes our eco friendly hotel for granted. However, with the environmental strain becoming increasingly prominent across the globe, the Colorado Bear Creek Cabin family is passionate about contributing to a more sustainable, environmentally healthy tomorrow and for generations to come.

About 1 year ago to the day, our team made it a priority to find and implement innovative ways to reduce the environmental impact of our eco friendly hotel. We are well aware of how taxing the hospitality industry can be on the environment.

We want to do everything we can to help maintain the stunning nature that Colorado offers, as well as preserve the precious resources that our eco friendly hotel needs to accommodate guests from all over the world. It is with this mindset that we embarked on a mission to become one of the environmental leaders in the State of Colorado.

What Has Our Eco Friendly Hotel Done to Reduce Its Impact?

For a complete breakdown of all of the repairs/upgrades/replacements we have done since September 2019 to reduce our impact, as well as calculations for how much we have reduced our use of certain resources, please refer to this blog post. Here is the brief, summarized version of some of the things our eco friendly hotel has done:

Replaced all incandescent lights to high efficiency LED’s

Replaced all water fixtures, such as toilets and faucets, to high efficiency models

Eliminated all single use plastic:

no single use toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, or hand soap

no single use coffee pods, we replaced all of our Keurig’s with high quality, classic coffee makers

no single use plastic water bottles or plastic cookware

Created a recycling program, whereby all of our guests at our eco-friendly hotel are encouraged to separate trash from recycles

Eliminated the use of sprinklers and hoses for our landscaping needs, as our eco friendly hotel solely relies on rainfall to water our grass, trees, and flowers

Encourage guests to reuse all of their linens at our eco friendly hotel to reduce water usage

Reduced our impact on Bear Creek:

Eliminated the use of all pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers for landscaping needs

Covered our parking lot with gravel instead of asphalt to reduce runoff

These only some of the steps that our eco friendly hotel has taken to reduce its impact on the planet. Due to these implemented steps coupled with our passion for building a more sustainable future, the State of Colorado has officially named us a bronze level Environmental Leader.

How is Our Eco Friendly Hotel an Environmental Leader?

As previously mentioned, the State of Colorado has recognized us as a bronze level Environmental Leader. But what does that mean?

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment has a program called the environmental leadership program, or ELP for short. The environmental leadership program is Colorado’s statewide environmental recognition and reward program which recognizes businesses that voluntarily go beyond compliance with state and federal regulations and are committed to continual environmental improvement.

There are three tiers to the program, bronze, silver, and gold. Our eco friendly hotel is currently recognized as a bronze level Environmental Leader. However, we are passionate about sustainability and aspire to become a gold environmental leader, and do not plan on stopping our improvements on our eco friendly hotel even after we attain the gold level recognition.

Colorado environmental leader bronze level badge
Colorado Environmental Leader Bronze Level Badge. Source: Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

We are humbled that our eco friendly hotel has came this far in our sustainability journey at Colorado Bear Creek Cabins. We look forward to continuously improving and reducing our environmental impact for our business, our Evergreen community, and our planet at large.

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