Our Response To Coronavirus

Coronavirus has turned the world upside down. Our family, much like many others, has been affected severely by the pandemic, as our business promotes tourism travel. 

However, since we are deemed an essential business by the local and state government, we are allowed to remain open and accept reservations. Therefore, we wanted to share with you all some of the practices that we are following in order to continue providing an unmatched experience for each and every one of our guests.  

First, we are no longer accepting reservations for less than 3 nights. We have received many phone calls for guests who wish to stay for an evening or two, and we have declined in order to protect the safety of our family and our community. By not allowing reservations of under 3 nights, we are encouraging our guests to not move around too much so as to reduce the likelihood of exposure in our area. 

Second, we have automated our check in process, eliminating the need to check in our guests in person. 

Third, after any check out during this period of time, we wait 3 days to even clean the cabins. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the coronavirus can live on hard surfaces for up to several days. Therefore, before our family even considers cleaning any of our units, we intentionally do not allow any reservations in that unit until 3 days after the previous guests have checked out. This can help lower the risk of any of our family, our guests, or fellow community members getting infected.  

Fourth, we have increased our cleaning practices to assure that we are getting the cabins as clean as possible. Our cleaning practices were already very high quality, but we ramped them up even more to do our part as an essential business. Our objective is to again assure that our units are as clean as possible for each and every one of our guests.  

Fifth, for the guests that are staying with us, we no longer provide daily housekeeping. This is normally a service that we offer to all of our guests, however we are striving to reduce any face to face interaction between us, our housekeepers, and our guests.  

Sixth, we have limited our hours on-site. In accordance with the local and state guidelines to stay at home, we are staying at home as much as possible while ensuring our business is running smoothly. Therefore, when we do go to our property, we accomplish what we need to in a timely manner and return to our quarantine in our personal residence.  

Seventh, we are also observing social distancing. Not only with our guests when we are at our beautiful property, but also any time we are out and about shopping for groceries or performing any other essential tasks. We are doing our absolute best to minimize all of our exposure to other people following the guidelines placed by our authorities.  

On behalf of the Colorado Bear Creek Cabins family, we would like to thank everyone for their cooperation during these times, and we are looking forward to resuming our normal operations as soon as all of this clears up. Until then, be safe, wash your hands, and listen to your representatives and medical professionals about what we should be doing to stay healthy during this time.  

Some resources for coronavirus information, including in our area: 

Center for Disease Control and Prevention: https://www.cdc.gov/ 

Evergreen Chamber of Commerce: https://www.evergreenchamber.org/ 

Jefferson County Colorado: https://www.jeffco.us/ 

The State of Colorado: https://www.colorado.gov/ 

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