The Best 5 Things To Do at Evergreen Lake During Summer

Evergreen Lake, Colorado
Evergreen Lake, Colorado – Source – Ed Voorhees from AllTrails

Located about 4 minutes away from our Colorado cabins, Evergreen Lake draws the attention of locals and tourists alike due to its serene beauty and plethora of fun activities.

Evergreen Lake is a much different place during the summer than it is during the winter. Since we have a couple more months of sunshine in the year, we thought it would be helpful to compile a list of our top 5 activities to try at Evergreen Lake during the summer months, as well as share a little background about how it came to be!

Table of Contents

  1. Evergreen Lake History
  2. The Best 5 Things To Do at Evergreen Lake During Summer
    1. Walk Around
    2. Paddle Board
    3. Fish
    4. Picnic & Hang Out
    5. Host a Special Event
  3. Conclusion

Evergreen Lake History

Evergreen Lake is a man-made reservoir that has history dating back to the early 1900s.

In 1928, a damn was built on Bear Creek, which is located next to Cactus Jack’s Saloon in downtown Evergreen, Colorado.

This damn helped fill up the reservoir back then, which is now known today as Evergreen Lake. Since its inception, Evergreen Lake has continued to increase in popularity and has become a staple to our quaint mountain town.

Nowadays, visitors and locals alike can enjoy Evergreen Lake and all it has to offer! If you are lucky enough to visit Evergreen Lake, we recommend trying out any of the following activities to make your visit worthwhile 🙂

Additionally, if you need a place to stay in Evergreen during your vacation, consider our Colorado cabins!

The Best 5 Things To Do at Evergreen Lake During Summer

Walk Around

The first and most classic activity you can enjoy at Evergreen Lake is simply taking a stroll around the Evergreen Lake Trail.

The trail follows the lake around and is about 1.4 miles in total distance. This trail is great as it allows folks of all skill levels to enjoy the beauty of Evergreen Lake, and is also pet friendly!

If you are up for it, part of the trail crosses near downtown Evergreen, so you are able to take a detour and check out some local shops on this trail as well!

Keep in mind that the Evergreen Lake Trail is heavily trafficked due to its popularity, so if you want to avoid the crowds hit the trail early in the morning or later in the afternoon!

Paddle Board

Evergreen Lake Paddle Board Rentals
Evergreen Lake Paddle Board Rentals – Source – Uncover Colorado

During the summer months, Evergreen Parks & Recreation rent out boats and paddleboards to take out on Evergreen Lake. From May 5, 2021 until September 6, 2021, these rentals will be available 7 days a week from 8 AM to 7 PM. After September 6, 2021, rentals will only be available during the weekends. The rental season will end as soon as the weather is consistently too cold to rent out as they make room for winter rentals such as ice skates.

Right after breakfast is the perfect time to hit the water, as the sun should now be up all the way and is starting to warm up the town. Make sure to apply some sunscreen so you don’t get burnt! From experience, we have found that going at 8 AM is a little early as it can get pretty chilly at that time!

No reservations are allowed for these rentals, so keep that in mind as you venture over to the lake. Due to its popularity, you may have to wait a few minutes before you are able to get out on the water, but it usually isn’t more than 30 minutes. To avoid wait times, we recommend going on a weekday if your plans can accommodate.

For more information on how paddle board rentals and boat rentals work, please get in touch with Evergreen Parks & Recreation.

If you have your own paddle boards, you are also welcome to bring those to Evergreen Lake!


If walking and paddle boarding aren’t really your thing, Evergreen Lake also allows fishing all year long.

Evergreen Lake is frequently stocked with fish by Colorado Parks & Wildlife, but the big one still lurks in the waters ?

The primary species of fish found in Evergreen lake are Muskie trout, brown trout, cutbow trout, & rainbow trout. Boating and kayaking are allowed on the lake to fish as long as they are non-motorized.

The regulations for fishing at Evergreen Lake are as follows: you must only fish with artificial lures, you may only possess & bag up to two BROWN or MUSKIE trout, and all cutbow & rainbow trout must be returned to the water immediately after catch.

As always, before you fish anywhere, including Evergreen Lake, please make sure you have purchased a fishing license. To purchase a fishing license online and for more information about fishing licenses in Colorado, please visit the Colorado Parks & Wildlife website.

Additionally, if you would like to learn more about Colorado fishing and the best places to fish near our Colorado cabins, please check out this blog here!

Picnic & Hang Out

After a long day of the preceding activities, you may find yourself wanting to just hang out and cook a nice meal for you and your family.

Luckily, Evergreen Lake has an area that is equipped with many picnic tables and cooking is allowed!

An important note, however, is that all BBQ grills are not allowed due to the fire ban, but electric and gas grills are allowed for cooking at the lake. You must bring your own electric or gas grill to Evergreen Lake if you would like to do this.

What better way to relax during the latter part of the day than to sit outside in nature while grilling up a delicious meal?

Host a Special Event

Evergreen Lake House
Evergreen Lake House – Source – Evergreen Parks and Recreation District

Last but certainly not least, Evergreen Lake is also home to the famous Evergreen Lake House, a majestic mountain structure on the water that folks are able to rent out for special events.

The facility is available for rent nearly the whole year from mid-March to the first week in December.

Many beautiful weddings and special events have been hosted in the Evergreen Lake House on Evergreen Lake, as it is truly a place where memories are made to be kept forever.

To get a full glimpse of the Evergreen Lake House on Evergreen Lake, check out their virtual tour here.

For all other information regarding how to rent the Evergreen Lake House, how much it will cost, and policies, please visit the Evergreen Parks and Recreation District’s website here.


In conclusion, Evergreen Lake has been the crown jewel of our mountain town and continues to attract folks from all over to this day.

Evergreen Lake offers an abundance of activities that all can participate in during the summer months, which will all give you a unique Colorado experience like no other.

Evergreen Lake also has a wide variety of things to get into during the winter months, and to check out a complete list of those activities we recommend checking out our other blog here.

As previously mentioned, Evergreen Lake is located only 4 minutes away from our Colorado cabins. If you are looking to stay in Evergreen to enjoy some of these activities or participate in a special event at the Evergreen Lake House, consider staying at our Colorado cabins to complete your vacation in Evergreen.

To make a reservation, please check out the rest of our website or give us a call at 303-674-3442!

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