Top 5 Places to Fish Near Our Colorado Cabins

Fly Fishing Pole
Fly Fishing Pole – Source – Pixabay

One of the main draws to our beautiful mountain town of Evergreen is the access to the flawless outdoors and the activities associated with it, especially fishing.

Fishing comes in all shapes, forms, and sizes, and is a fun, affordable way to get out near some water to spend some time with the family, or just by yourself.

Evergreen, Colorado has a plethora of fishing locations that locals and travelers enjoy alike! While there are many locations to choose from, we sat down and sketched out our best tips for fishing in our area, as well as our top 5 favorite places to do so near our Colorado cabins!

Table of Contents

  1. Tips for Fishing Near Our Colorado Cabins
    1. Colorado Fishing Seasons
    2. Colorado Fishing Licenses
    3. General Colorado Fishing Guidelines
    4. Coming Prepared
  2. Best Places to Fish Near Our Colorado Cabins
    1. Types of Fish in Colorado
    2. Colorado Bear Creek Cabins – Bear Creek
    3. Evergreen Lake
    4. Bear Creek Lake Park
    5. Georgetown Lake
    6. Echo Lake
  3. Conclusion

Tips for Fishing Near Our Colorado Cabins

Colorado Fishing Seasons

In general, there are two primary seasons that folks can get a taste of some classic Colorado angling, which are the warmer, summer months and the cooler, winter months. The fishing experience will differ greatly between the two.

Warmer Months

The warmer months in Colorado will typically be from May until the end of September to early October.

During these months, the water isn’t frozen, meaning fishermen & fisherwomen can enjoy fishing from boats, kayaks, and other watercraft. Additionally, river/creek fishing is an option during the summer since they are not frozen over.

In general, it is best to fish really early in the morning or late at night during the warmer months for cold water fish like trout, as they are the most active during these times.

That isn’t to say you won’t be able to catch anything during the middle of the day, but going during the times when the fish are most active gives you a better chance at reeling in the big one!

Cooler Months

The cooler months in Colorado will typically be from early / middle October to the end of April.

During these months, the water is, in fact, frozen for a good portion of the time, meaning fishing in rivers or from watercraft is not as accessible of an option as it is during the warmer months.

However, the winter months allow for fishermen & fisherwomen to ice fish on lakes all over Colorado, and many folks enjoy the exhilarating experience.

If you do decide to ice fish in Colorado, make sure the ice is at least 5 or more inches thick before going out!

Colorado Fishing Licenses

Regardless of when & where in Colorado you decide to go fishing, you will need to purchase a Colorado fishing license.

In the State of Colorado, anybody over 16 years of age is required by law to purchase a fishing license, and children under the age of 16 are not required to buy one.

The licenses available are one day, additional day, and annual. For additional information about fishing licenses and kid friendly fishing spots, please check out this page on the Colorado Parks & Wildlife website.

There are three primary ways to purchase a fishing license in Colorado, which are as follows:


The easiest and most convenient way to purchase a Colorado fishing license is through the Colorado Parks & Wildlife website here.

Once purchased, a electronic receipt with the PDF version of your license will be sent to your mobile device.

By Phone

If purchasing online isn’t your thing, you can also call the Colorado Parks & Wildlife office at 1-800-244-5613.

Sales Agent

Lastly, if you are unable or don’t want to purchase your license online or via telephone, you are also able to purchase a license in person at one of many sales agents statewide.

To find an authorized agent near you, please use this guide from the Colorado Parks & Wildlife website. There are a few places to get a license near our Colorado cabins via a sales agent, such as the Blue Quill Angler.

General Colorado Fishing Guidelines

The State of Colorado works diligently to make sure our waters are clean, protected, and safe for all to enjoy.

With that, however, comes guidelines & regulations that all fishermen & fisherwomen are expected to follow in order to both enjoy their fishing adventures while also preserving the health of our ecosystem.

Each fishing spot will have it’s own nuances and rules that wranglers will need to abide to, and the best way to find out what those are is by checking out the 2021 Colorado Fishing Guide on the Colorado Parks & Wildlife website.

This guide is a comprehensive view of the regulations in place for each body of water where fishing is allowed, including but not limited to what kinds of lures are allowed, possession limits, and size limits.

Wherever you decide to fish, please keep abreast with the regulations in place for that body of water by finding them in this guide.

Coming Prepared

Lastly, coming prepared to your fishing outing, like anything else with the outdoors, is of paramount importance.

The weather in Colorado can change in the blink of an eye, especially during the summer months, and we highly recommend bringing enough equipment with you to ensure you are fully prepared.

Depending on the location of your fishing adventure, we generally recommend at a minimum bringing all of your fishing gear plus additional lines, lures, and bait, food, water, sunscreen, a cell phone, hiking boots (in addition to whatever else you may wear to fish), and warm clothes such as a winter jacket.

Now that we are all prepared, let’s get the lures ready and hit the water!

Best Places to Fish Near Our Colorado Cabins

Types of Fish in Colorado

Rainbow Trout
Rainbow Trout – Source – Pixabay

There are many different species of fish in Colorado, and the ones you will likely catch depend greatly on where you decide to fish.

Many of the waters in Colorado are stocked by Colorado Parks and Wildlife, so we highly recommend following their stocking report that is updated frequently. The stocking report details which bodies of water are being stocked and when, so this is a very useful tool for anglers of all levels!

The guide below shows images of every kind of fish that can be found in Colorado, as well as descriptions on how to identify them:

Colorado Fish Identification Guide – Source – Colorado Parks & Wildlife

Now let’s move on to find our top recommendations for where to fish near our Colorado cabins, and what kinds of fish are in each of those spots!

Colorado Bear Creek Cabins – Bear Creek

Colorado Bear Creek Cabins Fly Fishing Along Bear Creek
Samuel Hoelscher Fly Fishing at Colorado Bear Creek Cabins – Source – Samuel Hoelscher

The first and best spot to fish near our Colorado cabins is, you guessed it, on our property!

Colorado Bear Creek Cabins is one of the only lodging options in Evergreen that is right along Bear Creek, allowing fishing enthusiasts to cast a line right next to their cabin! Above you can see a picture of myself trying to reel in the big one, and below shows how accessible the creek is from our Colorado cabins 🙂

Colorado Bear Creek Cabins
Colorado Bear Creek Cabins – Source – Samuel Hoelscher

The primary species of fish found in Bear Creek along our property are brown trout and rainbow trout. The State of Colorado does not allow any live bait in Bear Creek, so only fishing with artificial lures and flies is permitted.

If you do happen to reel one (or more) in, the bag and possession limit for BROWN trout is two fish, however, rainbow trout must be released immediately.

Evergreen Lake

Evergreen Lake, Colorado
Evergreen Lake, Colorado – Source – Ed Voorhees from AllTrails

Located about 5 minutes from our Colorado cabins, Evergreen Lake is another excellent spot to drop a lure in the water.

Evergreen Lake is frequently stocked with fish by Colorado Parks & Wildlife, but the big one still lurks in the waters 😉

The primary species of fish found in Evergreen lake are Muskie trout, brown trout, cutbow trout, & rainbow trout. Boating and kayaking are allowed on the lake to fish as long as they are non-motorized.

The regulations for fishing at Evergreen Lake are similar to that of our property, in that you must only fish with artificial lures, you may only possess & bag up to two BROWN or MUSKIE trout, and all cutbow & rainbow trout must be returned to the water immediately after catch.

Evergreen Lake also has a variety of other activities apart from fishing which our guests love to do. To see a complete breakdown of those, please check out our blog here!

Bear Creek Lake Park

Bear Creek Lake Park, Colorado
Bear Creek Lake Park, Colorado – Source – The SUP HQ

Located about 15 minutes from our Colorado cabins, Bear Creek Lake Park is another great fishing option, particularly for families.

Motor boats are allowed on Bear Creek Lake Park for fishing, and the types of fish found in this spot are as follows: largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, bluegill, common carp, yellow perch, saugeye, rainbow trout, & walleye.

Similar to the previous two spots, rainbow trout must be released immediately if caught. Additionally, no more than one walleye or saugeye greater than 21 inches may be taken per day.

Georgetown Lake

Georgetown Lake, Colorado
Georgetown Lake, Colorado – Source – Kent Kanouse from Flikr

Georgetown Lake, located roughly 25 minutes from our Colorado cabins, attracts folks from all over the United States due to its serene beauty.

It is also a great spot to fish, with brook trout, rainbow trout, and brown trout at an elevation of nearly 8,500 feet.

Georgetown lake is also an excellent spot to ice fish during the winter, and some adventurers even bring out their snowmobiles onto the lake when the ice is thick enough!

Echo Lake

Echo Lake, Colorado
Echo Lake, Colorado – Source – David Herrera from Flikr

Last but certainly not least on our list of awesome fishing spots near our Colorado cabins is Echo Lake, about 30-40 minutes from us.

As you can see from the picture above, Echo Lake is a sequestered treasure in the Rocky Mountains with stunning views of Mount Evans behind it.

The lake is at a whopping 10,600 feet in elevation, so you will certainly want to bring warmer clothes if you go here!

The primary fish species in this lake are rainbow and brown trout. Because Echo Lake is not as popular as the other places aforementioned, wranglers who embark on a fishing journey here may have a pretty good chance of catching the big one!


To sum up, there are plenty of awesome spots to cast a line near our Colorado cabins, and this post only scratched the surface.

To see all available fishing spots in the entire state of Colorado, please check out their 2021 Fishing Guide or the Colorado Parks & Wildlife Fishing Atlas, their online interactive fishing map.

If you are over the age of 16, don’t forget to purchase your fishing license, and see you all out on the water (or ice)!

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