Top Outdoor Activities in Evergreen Colorado During Summer

Evergreen Colorado during the summer time is a very special place. From restaurants to hiking to concerts, our area and the beautiful weather allows locals and guests to enjoy an abundance of outdoor activities.

This article is only scratching the surface of our favorite outdoor things to do in Evergreen Colorado in the summer, yet we would love to share them with you to make your vacation more enjoyable. Lets dive in!


The first and favorite activity of ours during the summertime in Evergreen Colorado is enjoying a nice hike through the beautiful Rocky Mountains that surround us. There really is something for everybody, such as nice easy hikes to more difficult ones. Hiking is also a very family friendly activity, and it encourages everyone to get out and explore some of the beautiful scenery that is around us. Our favorite time of day to hike is early in the morning, as there are typically less people and if you reach the peak in time you might be able to catch the sunrise! What a way to wake up! Furthermore, during the middle of the day it can occasionally get a little hot and it is typically a lot cooler during the morning.

As I previously mentioned, there are a lot of hikes that we love, and here are our top three categorized by difficulty:

Easy – Alderfer/Three Sisters

Medium – Panorama Point

Difficult – Bergen Peak

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is another fun activity during the summer in Evergreen Colorado. Much like hiking, there are an abundance of trails around where you can ride. Here is a list of some of the most popular biking trails in our area.

If you do not have a bike with you during your vacation, there are a couple places that we recommend for rental bikes and helmets. The Evergreen Bike Shop as well as Evergreen Bicycle Outfitters are excellent options and can get you set up with a pair of wheels in no time. Be sure to call ahead if you can because they may get busy during the summer months!

Source: Samuel Hoelscher


Another favorite of ours, fishing is an excellent way to spend some time in Evergreen Colorado. Our property is actually right on the bank of Bear Creek, so you could walk right out of your cabin one morning and cast a fly. If fishing in the river is not your thing, or you prefer to use a lure instead of a fly, Evergreen Lake is an excellent option that is just right up the road from us! The lake is stocked with rainbow trout among other species, and there is plenty of space for everyone to enjoy.

If you have already caught the big one in Bear Creek and Evergreen Lake, here is a list of some other great spots near our area.

There are two important things to keep in mind when fishing, however. The first is that it is required to have a fishing license to fish anywhere in our area, including our private property. You can apply online here for a fishing license.

The second is that every location where you choose to fish will have different regulations. It is important that you follow this guidelines laid out by the state of Colorado in order to enjoy yourself while also being a responsible citizen. The complete regulations for every location can be found here. Scroll to the near bottom to find the list of regulations for each particular location. This brochure also contains a lot of other useful information, such as the types of species of fish in Colorado, among many other useful items.

Lastly, if you are in need to purchase or rent equipment of any kind, such as poles, flies, or other items, we personally recommend The Blue Quill Angler for all of your needs. They are the “reel deal!”

For an extra look at some options in our area along with our recommendations, you can check out our Fly Fishing Getaway blog post.

Downtown Evergreen

After an intense morning of hiking or mountain biking, hitting downtown Evergreen is an excellent way to blow off some steam. Located right up the road from our property, downtown Evergreen boasts unique shops and restaurants of all flavors. If you want a cup of coffee in a cute setting, we recommend The Muddy Buck Cafe. If you are in the mood for some amazing bar food and lager, we recommend The Lariat Lodge. Feeling a little more upscale? We recommend the delicious Willow Creek Restaurant.

There really is something for everyone in downtown Evergreen, and the hospitality and kindness of our community will make you feel at home away from home. The downtown Evergreen business directory lists all of the restaurants, shops, and businesses downtown that you can visit.

Red Rocks

Drum roll please! The last but certainly not least favorite activity of ours to do in Evergreen Colorado during the summer time is to visit Red Rocks.

For those who do not know, Red Rocks is an amphitheater built within the beautiful red rocks on the front range of the rocky mountains. The rocks allow for a very crisp sounding performance and is one of the most popular concert venues in all of the United States. Here is the list of all of the concerts for the year 2020, and as you will see they have artists from all different genres.

In addition to their concerts, however, red rocks also has yoga classes and other activities to enjoy. It is a public facility and during the times without concerts, anyone is allowed to enter to exercise or catch some rays.

Source: The Denver Channel


In summary, Evergreen Colorado boasts a lot of seasonal activities in the summer. Our personal recommendations are hiking, mountain biking, fishing, downtown evergreen, and Red Rocks. However, as I said before, this is just scratching the surface of everything there is to do in our area, and we hope this list helps you get started for your vacation.

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