Top Winter Activities to Try At Our Creekside Cabins in Colorado

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Our Creekside Cabins in Colorado During the Winter 🙂

With nearly a month left of the Colorado winter, you may be wondering, how can I best take advantage before it starts to warm up again? We, the Colorado Bear Creek Cabins Family, frequently get asked this question from our guests during these months.

So, we sat down the other day and compiled a list of our favorite activities to experience during the winter time near our creekside cabins in Colorado, and are excited to share them with you today!

Whether you are an adrenaline junkie or just looking for something simple and fun to do, Evergreen has a plethora of activities close by that all can enjoy.

Winter Activity 1 Near our Creekside Cabins In Colorado – Hiking

The first activity that we enjoy during the
winter is hiking, which is more of a year round activity. We recognize that we may be biased, but hiking during the winter time is highly underrated.

Imagine walking through a winter wonderland in the thick of the forest, an incredible experience indeed! Furthermore, the trails are not as popular as they are during the summer, which makes it even better.

There are dozens of trails in the Evergreen area, and many more scattered across the Rockies of Colorado near our creekside cabins.

We provide maps for three amazing local hiking hotspots in Evergreen: Elk Meadow, Pence Park, and Three Sisters.

If you do plan on hiking during the winter, we highly recommend you purchase a pair of spikes for the bottom of your shoes. These can come in handy when encountering snowy or slippery trails!

Winter Activity 2 Near our Creekside Cabins in Colorado – Ice Skating

Evergreen lake ice skating
Evergreen Lake – Source – Terry Shapiro from Evergreen Experience

Evergreen has 2 outdoor rinks, one of which is on Evergreen Lake, which is just a couple minutes away from our creekside cabins in Colorado.

Skate rentals are typically $8 a person or less. There are also plenty of other indoor and outdoor rinks scattered across the Denver Metro area that you can explore as well!

This is also one of the cheapest outdoor activities in the area apart from hiking. If you are trying to keep your expenses lower but still get an authentic Colorado experience, make sure to hit the rink!

Winter Activity 3 Near our Creekside Cabins in Colorado – Ice Fishing

In addition to ice skating, the other side of Evergreen Lake is open to folks for ice fishing during the winter. This is also just a few minutes away from our creekside cabins in Colorado!

In order to comply with State and Local guidelines, please make sure prior to ice fishing to purchase a fishing license by clicking this link here.

So grab your lounge chair, your fishing gear, and some cold ones to soak in this amazing Colorado experience that can only be done during the winter!

Winter Activity 4 Near our Creekside Cabins in Colorado – Ice Castles

Dillon ice castles
Dillon Ice Castles – Source – Summit Daily

Are you beginning to see a theme with ice here? Another one of our favorite activities to experience in Colorado during the winter are the ice castles located in Dillon.

These magnificent sculptures are only located about 1 hour from our creekside cabins in Colorado, and are only available to see during the winter.

This sight is made up of elaborate and beautiful castle-like ice sculptures that have been carved over time by various artists. Tickets for this typically range based on the date and age of the person, but usually they are between $15 and $25.

Also, since it is made up of crushed snow and ice, we highly recommend wearing boots and/or wearing spikes. Trust us, this site is a must see if possible! Tickets are in high demand, so plan ahead! You can purchase your tickets by clicking this link here.

Winter Activity 5 Near our Creekside Cabins in Colorado – Skiing // Snowboarding

skiing near evergreen colorado
Ski Slope Near Our Creekside Cabins in Colorado – Can You Guess Where?

Our final recommendation for outdoor winter activities is of course, skiing and snowboarding. A winter activities list in Colorado would not be complete without these amazing sports!

From our creekside cabins in Colorado, there are dozens of ski areas that are easily accessible. If you are a beginner and not looking to spend too much money, we recommend going to either Echo Mountain
or Loveland.

Both are less than a 45 minute drive from our creekside cabins in Colorado and are great fun for beginners.

Our personal favorite resorts, however, happen to be Copper and Breckenridge. Both are very family friendly and offer an incredible experience to the public.

Breckenridge and Copper are a little bit pricier than the others we listed, but they hold great views and fantastic trails regardless of your skill level.

Breckenridge also has a charming downtown area and excellent food selection that is worth exploring!

If downhill skiing is not your forte, cross country skiing may be a great alternative. This is much easier and much more relaxed than downhill skiing.

The Breckenridge Nordic Center is our personal favorite for cross country skiing. This region is about 1 hour away from our creekside cabins in Colorado.

Rentals are provided at all locations for downhill and cross country skiing. However, an important note to mention is that due to COVID-19 protocals, YOU MUST MAKE A RESRVATION AT THE SKI RESORT IN ADVANCE.

You can easily do so by visitng any of the websites of the resorts listed above and purchasing your ticket online. If you have any questions or concerns, make sure to call the resort directly to clarify any confusion.


To conclude, there are many activities to partake in during the winter months in Colorado. From skiing to ice fishing to ice sculptures, our area really offers it all.

If you want to check out some of these awesome experiences, make sure to consider our creekside cabins in Colorado as your base. We are within 1 hour of all of these amazing activities and provide a Colorado experience like no other!

For questions about reservations, feel free to call our office at 303-674-3442 or check out the rest of our website. We hope to see you at our creekside cabins in Colorado during the winter!

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