Tree Top Thai Massage

Address:28253 Colorado 74
Evergreen, Colorado 80439
Phone: (303) 679-8424

Welcome to Tree Top Thai Massage & Spa

A unique mountain Spa located on Main St. in Downtown Evergreen Co., just 30 minutes from Denver. Tree Top Thai is a therapeutic haven nestled amongst the rocks and trees. At last, climb 44 breath taking stairs up to experience moments of solitude and silence in the Penthouse suite reminscent of Thai land. Add on a Therapeutic hot tub treatment or Russian banja sauna treatment out on the rock wall patio or rent the entire hydrotherapy patio by the hour. Enjoy a relaxing Massage or recouperate from an Accident or Injury, Detox and Body treatments are available as well as Partner Yoga. Tree Top Thai is a Green Eco Spa using only organic oils, and herbs no harsh chemicals are used in the hot tub only hydrogen peroxide along with ultra light vilolet to keep water clean and healthy.

Signature Massages

Thai Massage: The most complete and effective massage. Originating in India based on Yoga and ayruvedic, absolutely everyone should experience ! Traditionally Thai Massage is practiced on a Thai mat on the floor in loose fitting clothing. The Therapist moves the client in and out of yoga postures with a thai chi like flow. Thai massage increases flexibility, and therefore circulation of blood and healing. Thai tractions and rotates joints through their full range reversing the effects of gravity and aging. Thai aligns posture, creates body awareness, stimulates internal organs, and balances the bodys energy

Ashiatsu Massage: Ashiatsu Massage is often referred to as “Bare foot Swedish Massage”. Ashiatsu Is practiced on a massage table with bamboo poles above the practitioner used for weight control and balance. The client is draped and warm oil is used to perform long deep gliding strokes primarily using the practitioners feet allowing them to use their body weight to create pressure. Ashia means foot in japanese and shiatsu means pressure. Ashiatsu is a  more efficient and effective way of working. The client usually can’t tell the difference when the therapist is using feet or hands! Again the focus, as with Thai massage, is lengthening muscles to relieve muscle tension creating a longer lasting effect.  The foot is an excellent tool a massage therapist should have access to.

Tess Delgert (Massage Therapist and Owner):  
Is a Certified Massage Therapist (CRLMT) practicing massage since 2000. She has studied with many different teachers both Asian and Western. Her focus is dealing with accidents and injuries but also teaching people to relax by creating body awareness through massage.

Tess was a competitive bodybuilder and collegiant All American Gymnast on Scholarship at Eastern Michigan University where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts. A fellow massage therapist and anatomy & physiology teacher who helped her through one of her own injuries inspired her to help others. Tess has worked in many environments including massage therapist to NBA Denver Nuggetts as well as many local and mountain spas. Tess is a practicing Tibetian Buddhist and enjoys Aerial Partner Yoga, Latin, Ballroom and Tribal Belly dancing as well as doing art work at Tree Top Thai.

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